What We Do

From bespoke personal invite fan experiences to stadium music and sport events, we provide end to end ticketing solutions and services to event organisers.

Years of over complicated processes and spreadsheets led us to create a unique ticket inventory management system that allows promoters to maintain control of each ticket in real time.

We believe that ticketing is intimately interconnected to the whole event cycle. Therefore we work closely with promoters, venues, ticketing, marketing and operations managers to make quality decisions to maximise ticketing revenue and to ensure a successful event.



We work with, or on behalf of, event organisers to develop ticket sales strategies, pricing plans and seating configurations to ensure ticket revenue is maximised regardless of the event or venue.

We have a strong and varied track record in the ticketing industry, from working on large-scale music and sporting events to bespoke intimate, invite-only fan experiences.

Inventory Management

We have developed unique software which allows event organisers to control and manage their own ticket inventory. Whether the desire is to sell directly to customers or allocate to ticket agents.

We can provide a white label ticket sales platform, enabling organisers to receive ticket revenue directly and build their own customer database.


We provide an end to end ticketing operations service. Following the successful planning and ticket sales period for an event, we will also manage the event day operation to ensure a successful event.

We will manage customer ingress, access control, ticket office operations, ticket issue resolution and ticket sales reconciliation as well as providing regular and accurate data reports.

Who We Are

Alex Ramzy

Co-founder of HolisTix. With over 20 years Ticketing experience, there's not much Alex hasn't seen in the world of events. From working with some of the world's biggest acts such as Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, Jay Z and Beyonce to tackling three of the worlds biggest sporting events: 2010 FIFA World Cup, 2012 London Olympics and 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Role at HolisTix

Director of Operations bringing his wealth of experience and drive to deliver at the highest level.

Facts about Alex

1/ Bungee jumped 3 times in one day.

2/ Unhealthy knowledge of 80's & 90's trivia.

3/ Attended his first and last Kylie Minogue concert aged 11.

Andrew Falvey

Before co-founding HolisTix Andrew’s ticketing journey included managing ticketing operations for FA Cup Finals at Wembley Stadium, overseeing the ticketing operations for the London 2012 Olympic Football Tournaments and creating and implementing the ticketing transition strategy for West Ham United’s recent move to London Stadium.

Role at HolisTix

Director of Technical Operations has wide experience of utilising and developing ticketing software.

Facts about Andrew

1/ Worked as a professional actor for 15 years.

2/ Refuses to acknowledge any new music released after 1997.

3/ Attended a NKOTB concert at London Arena in 1990.

Tim Salmon

Tim has a significant track record in RFID and barcode ticket systems and operations, working with top-tier national and international organisations including UEFA, FIFA, NFL, Olympics and Premier League Football Clubs. In 2006, Tim designed the photo pre-registration system widely credited with eliminating ticket touting at Glastonbury Festival.

Role at HolisTix

Director of Systems; developing ticketing software using the very latest cloud technologies.

Facts about Tim

1/ Pulled pints on the VIP bar when Oasis played Knebworth.

2/ Has been a punter at the last 20 Glastonburys.

3/ Latent goth who 'accidentally' purchased the first Steps album.

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